The Government doesn’t regulate parents…or babysitters….HOW CAN SUCH A NON-REGULATED SOCIETY EXIST? Here’s how.

How to Fill in the Blank

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.12.38 PMImagine this: you go to a fantastic restaurant highly recommended by a friend. There are no licenses on the walls, the restaurant and food have not been inspected by the health department, the chef did not go to culinary school. And yet it’s delicious and crowded and thriving. People go there because of word of mouth and return there because of personal experience.

Imagine this: you are hired for a position because you have excellent work ethic, great referrals, and a fantastic skill set. No one asks about your education, no one cares to see your college degree.

Imagine this: you visit a doctor who has no formal education. He gained all his skills through personal study and apprenticeship. He is highly competent and incredibly effective. Although there are no fancy certificates hanging in his office, you trust him implicitly because of his invaluable service to you.

Now, I realize…

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