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Today, the Left has devoted a significant amount of time informing citizens about the inequality that exists between the rich and the poor.  Considering the median Income in the U.S. in 2013 stood at $51,071 (1), and the top 1% of income earners in the world earn $32,400 (2) annually; not only shows us the poorest people in Capitalist economies are the richest people in the world, but exposes that the left doesn’t care about poverty.  They only care about if someone if they are born within the geography of the United States and is poor relative to others in the worlds richest society-and vote every two years.  If they really cared about the poor they would support free trade.

But this only looks at dollars.  What about the inequality between the everyday private citizen, and someone who is employed by the government?  The government can legally take money by force, in any amount, at any time, from any person, then print whatever they can’t confiscate; and call it taxation.  The state must only talk amongst itself in Washington and decide what amount of income they feel they should let the producers in society keep, then pass thousands of pages of legislation to avoid transparency.

What about the right to kill people in massive amounts?  This would be a fatal gang shooting, and give rise to gun regulation if it was a group of random private citizens.  But consider the 202,000 civilians and militant killings in Iraq since 2003 alone.  The article below (4), exemplifies how the state is the very institution that attracts people who are too noble to just engage in street crimes, and prefer to execute their crimes on a large scale.  Civilians in other countries as young as 16 years old, shot and killed in his home town for appearing as a potential threat to the gang in camouflage occupying countries all over the world.

The state replaces religious crosses, with flags and have their subjects blindly pledge their allegiance to it.

And all they have to report it- ‘fear not citizen, we are the state that acts in your best interest, protecting you from the evil non-angel like men in the state of nature.’  The state acts opt sync with every moral principal people apply to all others in society, and abandons all accountability with its shiny badges, and flashy cars.

Similar to Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and laws oppressing woman and minorities rights; the state can only continue its practicing of legalized criminality, until people recognize it as an evil institution, unworthy of its respect and legitimacy.

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