Great philosophical approach to how ‘Hunger Games’ like films can be analyzed through critical thought. I still disagree (as can be seen in the comment section), but still a worthy read.

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In anticipation of Friday’s release of the third installment in the four-movie franchise, I’ve been reviewing some of my old papers on The Hunger Games and its sequels. I’ve done several projects on these books before because, while I enjoyed their plots (except for the last one, with which I was rather disappointed), I’ve always been intrigued by the different political and moral themes and lessons they contain.

Whether they were deliberately intended by author Suzanne Collins or just present for the drama they lend to the plot, there are some pretty strong political messages in these books and their film adaptations. These are some of the ones I’ve found.

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It shows how you can’t let fear dictate your life — and you can’t allow a government to use fear to control you.Even when you are horribly oppressed, you still have the ultimate control over your heart, mind, and actions. It will be hard…

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