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America 1960:  If your black you have no rights and can’t interact with us.

America 2014:  If you were born on the other side of a line drawn by governments after one of its wars you have no right to come here and interact with our people unless bureaucrats randomly select you to be worthy of such opportunity.

No one argue that Ellis Island and Angel Island hurt America, its overwhelmingly seen as a policy that brought hard workers, new ideas, and increased the wealth of everyone as a result.  Because a government drew a line in the sand many years ago and claimed the right to tax the people on this geography, is no justification for using the initiation of force to keep families from coming here(1).  Just as 6 million Jews could have avoided the halocost if the U.S. kept its open boarders policy, millions more could survive today if the U.S. did what made the country great- attracted hard workers, and respected individuals as persons.

The more people you have to trade with, the more choice, the more job opportunity, the more competition for better products and lower prices, all the while serving as the greatest check on monopolies.  This lowers the cost of production, and making goods available to the masses that were once only available for the affluent.

If Democrats give any care about poor people, they’ll stop taxing and regulating them in the U.S. and let foreigners- THE POOREST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, who don’t have iPods, t.v.’s, cars, etc.- have a shot at success.  Republicans need to consistently support freedom of individual choice; and ignore the fact that “well this type of immigration was illegal according to what laws our 6% approved congress wrote down.”  Rosa Parks is a hero for breaking a law that was clearly unjust, and she was damn right for doing so; because humans deserve the right to act autonomously without being aggressed against by a third party, in a voluntary transaction.

(1) Unlike private property, that is recognized as such I acquired justly by contract of having the first claim to its use.  ‘X steals from Y.  Can Y take back what was stolen?  Yes because X did not justly acquire it.’  In other words governments have no just claim to property, its all paid with via money taken by force from the taxpayer.